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For all your residential/commercial pool needs including above ground pools  as well as turnkey maintenance and repairs.  Make your pool COVID safe!

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Enjoy your family and friends. We've got you covered. All the maintenance support and products you need.
Above Ground Pools

Fully installed and set up. Hurry and book, ensure summer fun.


Capture dirt / debris, reduce cleanings and improve water clarity.

Pool Water Treatment & Salt Systems

Keep your pool sparkling clean with the right system.


Make your pool look like brand new with a new pool liner.

Pool Safety Covers

Save money, keep your pool protected, cleaner and safer.


Affordable pumps that reduce energy costs.


Electric and thermopump installations.

Pool Chemicals

Safe chemicals for kids and pets. Advice on what you need.

Concrete Pool Paint

For pool interiors and exteriors and cement decks.

Pool Leaf Nets

Catch fall leaves and avoid smelly spring cleanups.

Summer 2021 Limited Inventory on Above Ground Pools.


Relax, that is what your pool is for.  We’ll do the work! 

Opening & Closing

Our pool openings and closings have one main purpose – for you to enjoy your pool to the max. We get the work done, take care of your equipment and guarantee our work. We offer turnkey service and weekly maintenance making sure your pool is Covid free.  This keeps your pool system running efficiently and the water clean and healthy.  Relax, we’ll take care of it for you.  

Pool Maintenance Includes: 

  • vacuuming
  • water testing and adjusting H2O chemistry
  • skimming the pool 
  • cleaning out the skimmer and pool pump baskets
  • cleaning and backwashing the filter system
  • verifying that all equipment is working effiiciently
  • checking for leaks, etc.
Our service is offered bi-weekly, weekly or as requested.  Get an estimate.
Repairs & Service

Got a pool problem or an emergency?  Call our rapid response team at (438) 835-4471.

We are here to troubleshoot any problem you may be having with your pool/pool area and to offer efficient and effective options to address the issues.  We have got the equipment and products you need.  Here is a list of the repairs and services we offer: 

  • Plumbing repairs 
  • Leak detection and pressure testing 
  • Pumps and motor repair and replacement
  • Filter repair,  replacement and installation
  • Heater repair and new heater installation 
  • Maintenance/installation of chlorine and salt systems 
  • Pool cleaning system installation and repair
  • Pool lighting repair and installation 
  • Automation and remote control
  • Tile repairs
  • Cement patching
  • Pool caulking/resurfacing
  • Unistone and natural stone replacement and installation
  • Deck repair
Cement Work

We can take care of all your cement needs.  Cement cracks inside your pool, on the pool deck and  around the pool are best to be treated/fixed as soon as possible to prevent damage, algae growth and more.  We can revitalize, update your area or create a  new look while improving  performance and energy efficiency.  We can assist with other pool finishes including ceramic contour finishes. 


Most cement pools in the Montreal area are finished with paint and our technicians are specially trained on how to apply paint to your pool and pool area.  

A newly resurfaced or painted pool can: 

    • Save you money as it protects the cement 
    • Increase the life of your pool and is easier to clean
    • Helps to prevent algae growth 

Choose your favourite tile or colour to match your pool, yard and environment.  In cases where we are repainting, we’ll be sure to match the existing paint type for the best adherence. 
Sometimes it is necessary to remove pre-existing paint and to start with a bare surface. 

Pool Decks

Looking to renovate your pool area?  We offer a full range of remodelling, renovating and repair work for your pool and pool deck.  Our pool openings and closings have one main purpose – for you to enjoy your pool to the max. We get the work done, take care of your equipment and guarantee our work.  Relax, we’ll take care of it for you.


Do you need to hire a lifeguard for your pool?  Our certified lifeguards take the pressure off and are:

  • Reliable and safety focussed
  • Maintain swimmer safety
  • Identifying hazards
  • Enforce pool rules and keep a watchful eye
  • are pleasant, kind and firm

Lifeguarding services are available for hotel pools, condos, retirement homes and private residences. Our certified lifeguards are there to make sure that you do not have to worry about:

      • Identifying hazards
      • Enforcing pool rules 
      • The safety of the swimmers 
      • Being preventative and cautious
      • Jumping to the rescue
Happy Clients
Above Ground Pool Models
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About Us

We arrive smiling and leave you smiling.  



The number one priority at Aquar Dr is always safety. We ensure the chemical balance of your pool so that your loved ones are always safe. Now more than ever, this is critical as proper chemical balancing also kills the Covid-19 virus. Our customized service will provide you with peace of mind. Benefit from our team's experience in pool safety and standards.


20 + Years.


With over 10 years of experience in the pool industry we can help you make fully-informed choices and decisions based on your unique needs. We understand that your pool is your place of paradise and you want to optimize its use. All our technicians are fully trained, personable and able to answer your questions.



Consider us your one stop shop! All the products and services you need. Our commitment to making you happy is what sets us apart. Whether you are looking to gain information, start a project, buy a pool, need urgent care or require maintenance we are here to assist you with expertise and exceptional customer service.

What Our Clients Say

Happy clients is what matters most to us. 

So friendly and so efficient. What a relief to finally have great pool maintenance and to get to really enjoy my pool.
Yasmin Abbas
Office Manager
Thanks you for the transformation of our backyard. The Uni Pave looks great around the pool. We are so pleased that the project came in on time and budget.
Pascal Jones
I am so thankful we hired Aqua Dr to install an above ground pool. The best investment ever for our family...especially with Covid. Our staycation was great.
Robert Berger
I am grateful for your patience with my many questions and alternate suggestions given my requirements and project budget. I'm so happy we went with you.
Carmen Perez
Worry free!

Questions & Answers

We love your questions.  Please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Unlike other pool companies who try to upsell you, we really work with a doctor’s approach.  We help identify your needs and what would be the best “medicine” for you.  That medicine always includes, you relaxing,  getting great service at very competitive prices. 

We offer difference maintenance packages to suit all your needs.  Maintenance work includes:

Skim pool surface, empty & clean all baskets, vacuum pool, backwash filter, prevent scum line, water balance analysis and adjustment (pool check).

Maintenance schedule options include:

  • Weekly visits
  • Twice a week visits
  • Bi-weekly visits
  • Pool checks
  • Holiday service

We aim to please.  All our work is guaranteed.  We are proud of our testimonials and our customer service.  

Due to client demand, we started to sell and install above ground pools.  Our prices can’t be beat.  Imagine this summer with a pool in your backyard?  Hurry as pools will definitely sell out!

Let's Bring Happiness into your Yard.

Summer fun / peace & quiet. 

Squeeze out every last drop of summer.  

Friends & family, laughter & music, bar-b-ques and happy kids. 

That is what life is about.

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